4 post lift installation instructions

FOUR POST CAR LIFTS . 213-5/8" 254" 47-3/8" Do not raise a vehicle on the lift until the installation is completed as described in this manual. 2. I'm about to purchase a 4-post car lift to support my lifelong involvement with Model I am about to order my four post lift and decided that BENDPAK is the one for me. Always inspect the lift for damage and make note of any damage on the bill of lading. Position lift contact pads at manufacturers recommended lifting points. They are located in each post and automatically engage at any height for added protection. You should also  Oct 16, 2012 lift. O. Although spare parts are no longer available from Benwil, you can purchase parts from generic car-lift parts suppliers. 4 Installation Install as given in the following paragraphs. With this equipment, working under cars will be much easier. CRITICAL CLEARANCE DIMENSIONS WITH LIFT PARKED ON LOCKS The Benpak 4 post lifts that are ready for installation include HD-7P 7,000-lb. PSE 10,000 CSP XLT 10,000 LB. • CASTER  Apr 15, 2013 1. FOUR POST AUTO / TRUCK LIFT. 4. 16 Red Head Wedge Anchors Bolts that measure 5-1/2" x 3/4" & 30 piece shim kit to level post. 1 General Safety Instructions . 18. RECORD HERE THE LIFT AND installation, operation, & maintenance manual follow this manual carefully to ensure the machine will function correctly and provide many years of dependable service. Jul 1, 2017 Setting up and installing 4 post above ground auto lifts depends upon where you want to place the lift within your building. It has been a well established and highly respected manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic car lifts to the global automotive service industry. Dannmar Equipment will assume no liability for loss or damage of any kind, expressed or implied resulting from improper installation or use of this product. For more information about how this item will be shipped to you, it is always best if you call us at 1-888-736-5094 to get a shipping quote and review Complete Hydraulic's shipping procedure for this Four Post Lift with one of our sales associates. Zurn Floor Drain Cover Screws Zurn Zn415 10 Inch Type S Strainer Floor Drain With Cast Iron Body; Zone Tech Heated Car Seat Cushion Review lift. As always, professional installation is available. Floors must be level and no cracks. failure to follow these instructions and safety warnings may result in personal injury or property damage. Challenger’s 4015 4-post automotive lift series lifts have a 15,000 lb. Rotary Lift is the world's leader in hydraulic lifts. 9,000lb capacity 4 Post Lift Installation Manual Parts Checklist 1 Main side track with 9/16” hole on cylinder end complete with cylinder, hose and connector 1 Offside track 2 Cross Rails pre-assembled with pulleys, pulley covers, and slider blocks 4 Columns with top caps and bolts 2 Short rods with heim ends 1 Long rod with heim ends Read this manual thoroughly before installing, operating, or maintaining this lift. Never attempt to . Clearance should be calculated based on the full raised height of the lift. If you're looking for a four-post lift with the same capacity but a bit wider, check out the D-7/X. Our ALI Certified Parking Lift. When done with installation, be sure to return documents to package and give all materials to lift owner/operator. Check out our Monthly Specials! Save Space With Heavy-Duty + Reliable 4-Post Car Lifts. www. It is designed to give the desirable hoist needed even for tight space and automotive heavy labor. Capacity Short Runways Extra-Tall 4 Post Lift is a definite example of a dynamic and powerful machine. 2009 11:57 AM 2 Post Lift: CJ 10,000 OHA INSTALLATION manual READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLING THE LIFT! Improper installation can cause injury or damage! INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GOLDEN AT, 4 POST, 2 MOTOR LIFT Step 1/ Drilling for the Drive Spool Position the spool assembly on the inboard side of the piling at a distance of from 4' to 6' above the deck. When installation is complete be sure to run lift up and down a few cycles with and without “typical” vehicle loaded on lift. CAPACITY 2500 LBS. and a low approach angle, Challenger’s 4-post lifts offer the widest array of service opportunities in the market. PP8S Four Post Lift • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS pg 7 Four Post Lifts 1. ) guide post BRACKET. Image by title. Failure by purchaser to provide adequate clearance could result in unsatisfactory lift performa nce, property 4 of 28 Volume: 01. Perfect for car enthusiasts and DIY'ers for working on your vehicle or creating extra space in your garage. A. Failure to comply with these instructions can result in serious bodily harm and void product warranty. MODEL NUMBER : LSS4P9PLXLAL. Bendpak Lift Installation Kit -16 Wedge Anchors and Shim Assortment This is a lift installation kit that helps you install your used auto lift or move a lift from one bay to another. The 4 post lift is usually a drive on car lift, which is less time consuming and is great for long term storage. 4. These instructions have been printed assuming that your 4 Post Car Lift / Truck Lift Shipping Info: This product will be shipped by common carrier. 4 Post Portable Car Stacker Lift (XLT) PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The PSE 10,000 CSP XLT is a huge Four Post Hydraulic Automotive Lift designed for car collectors, hobby mechanics and those looking to add parking space to their garage. G Width  The floor on which the lift is to be installed must be 4-¼” inch minimum DO NOT raise vehicle on the lift until installation is completed as instructed in this manual. Q. Rotary lift concrete anchors must be torqued to 150 foot-pounds. New Photos and Description Of Lift. Product Insurance Plan. com. Model 620 adjustable width jack also available. On-site labor Upon receipt, the customer must visually inspect the equipment for any potential freight damage before signing clear on the shipping receipt. We also offer our value priced line of 4 post lifts exclusively from Auto Lift. Always lock the lift before going under the vehicle or storing another vehicle underneath lift. Turning radius plate, low resistance design for smooth operation. This instruction trained on basic automotive lift installation procedures. Rest assured that JMC Automotive Equipment has the capacity, expertise, and ability to install Bendpak 4 post lifts for our customers at reasonable prices. snaponequipment. 9,000lb capacity 4 Post Lift. NOTE: This Lift does not require bolting to the floor (BUT) If you choose the option to anchor the Lift to the floor, please follow the detailed instructions in the manual and criteria above. 5. For 4-post lift pricing information, contact a representative. Page 4 866-563-LIFT (5438) www. These lifts are available in long or short, open or close configurations. All Golden Lifts are welded for structural integrity while bolting is limited to components requiring adjustments. DEFINITIONS OF HAZARD LEVELS Ben Pearson is now combining its expertise in manufacturing and engineering to select certain import products that meet specific design criteria and the quality needs of its customers. to lift components without proper lifting tools such as forklift or cranes. For sale is a used Rotary model number Rotary Vehicle Lifts is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of two post, four post, scissor and in-ground vehicle lifting technology. 6 C. D-7 Lift plus kit includes drip trays, caster kit and jack platform. Lifts should only be installed on level concrete floors with a minimum thickness of four and a quarter inches (4¼“) or 108 mm. A four-post lift is expensive but can be used on floors with surface-quality and thickness  4. These instructions must be followed to insure proper installation and operation of your lift. A seal kit and installation instructions will be sent for repairs thereafter. The Direct-Lift ® Pro-Park 8 Standard (Model PP8SPY11) Four Post Automotive Lift is America’s #1 Enthusiast Car Lift. ) Does my lift come with anchor bolts and/or the hardware to mount it to the floor? Most of our commercial grade four post lifts come with the appropriate number of anchor bolts to mount the lift to the floor. The GEO Four Tonne Single Side Lock, Manual Release two post lift is a fully CE certified piece of garage equipment which conforms to all UK and EU safety Regulations. I needed my tractor and forks to remove it. . 18' 7½”. Choose from a wide variety of four post lifts from the nation's leading 4 post lift manufacturers: BendPak, Dannmar, and Challenger Lifts. When done with installation be sure to return documents to package and give all materials to lift owner/operator. (insert) 3. models: Auto Car Lift Installation Kit . In business since 1982, we provide quality automotive equipment at discount prices 30-50% less than the others. These home garage lifts park two vehicles in one parking space. Rev. Cylinder and Seal Kit Replacement Guide PB 10-4 4) Manually lift carriage to its top locking position. Ben Pearson's Baymaster Series economy 4 post lift Model BP412 is designed for long lasting dependability with the budget service center in mind. 76-86 Jeep CJ 4” Lift System it is your responsibility to install the warning decal and forward these installation instructions on Post Installation a. ) The GUIDE POSTS of your boat lift guide the cradle system into place under while under the boat. Installation 4 Post Lift Frequently Asked Questions (F. Read the anchor bolt is necessary to mount the power unit in another position, the installer must  1. t Carefully check the lift for correct initial function. ) guide POST. The total overall concrete thickness must be at least 4 1/4 inches for two-post lifts, or 5 inches for  Challenger Lifts provides detailed information about our car lifts and accessories through brochures. Just compare our lifts. 1 Plan Installation Layout The lift requires the space as shown in figure 2-2. Learn more! Do not install this lift on asphalt, wood, or any other surface other than described. Select the spot on your foundation where the Front Left Control Post is to be located and plan from there. Do not install this lift on asphalt, wood, or any other surface other than described. . INSTALLATION MANUAL & OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Volume: 01. The total overall concrete thickness must be at least 4 1/4 inches for two-post lifts, or 5 inches for heavy-duty four-post lifts. Drill 2 -34"Ø holes thru the piling. Concrete must have a thickness of 4 inches minimum and without reinforcing steel bars, and must be completely cured before the lift installation. Hunter’s four-post lift family consists of high-capacity open and close front-alignment lifts. 4 Cable Installation . com FOUR POST AUTO / TRUCK LIFT This instruction manual has been prepared especially for you. risers that will put. 9. Installation Manual. This is a vehicle lift installation/operation manual and no attempt is made or implied herein to instruct the user in lifting methods particular to an individual application. Concrete must be in good condition and must have a test strength 3,500 psi (250kg/cm²) minimum. 3. IMPORTANT INFORMATION pg 2. In addition to our high-quality safety systems, design and construction, Mohawk offers the most inclusive warranty in the service lift industry. Replacement of lift and tire changer cylinders after the first 30 days. PER ARM 200 Cabel Street, P. Installation Instructions Garage Equipment Online has in stock these high quality 4 Tonne 2 post lifts from the GEO range of garage equipment. attic floor joists. Choose between productivity configurations to meet your shop’s unique specifications and needs. t Make sure installation conforms to all applicable Local, State, and Federal Codes, Rules, and Regulations; such as State and Federal OSHA Regulations and Electrical Codes. The 20+ page installation How to Install an Automotive Lift No more jacks: If you're really serious about auto maintenance, put in your own lift. Western Lift The Quality Standard in Automotive Lifts Since 1928. Learn More ( 1 ) Structural Tube Overhead - All Worth Clear Floor models feature 4 sided structural tube overhead bars, not 3 sided sheet metal or channel. Compare BendPak 4-Post Lift with similar products and specs: post installation manual, Bradbury 4 post installation manual, Atlas 4 post assembly instructions We currently have wipers and lift rings en route to the US. The minimum anchor depth for Rotary lifts is 3 1/4 inches. proper installation and operation of your lift. Once boat is ON THE LIFT install each guide post so that there is ample tension pressing against your boat’s rub-rail. We used a floor jack, jack stands and a come along to lift the platforms in place. Read this instruction manual before installing the lift. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 4 VISIT US ON THE WEB AT WWW. This will cause leakage and will not post can actually be operating at a load greater than 9000 and the lift can be. BendPak XPR-10A-LP 2 Post Lift Introduction and Review. Mount the spool mount plate to the piling using 58"Øx 4" lag screws. Car lifts have been manufactured by Western Lift since its founding in 1928. Orders received by 3:00pm Central Time any business day Monday-Friday will ship same day! 1. Zurn Floor Drain Cover Screws Zurn Zn415 10 Inch Type S Strainer Floor Drain With Cast Iron Body; Zone Tech Heated Car Seat Cushion Review Reading the instructions and studying the parts drawings is a great way to learn more about how a Backyard Buddy lift is designed and how easy it is to assemble yourself. READ THIS ENTIRE MANUAL BEFORE INSTALLATION & OPERATION BEGINS. Call us if you have any questions 877-298-7730 […] Welcome to the Forward Lift® Manuals page, here you'll find owners and installation manuals for all of our products, we also have an Archive section where you can look for older Forward product manuals. Use 34" Bendpak HD-9XW 4 post Lift Installation with RJ-45 Jacks, DP-30 Oil pan, & WSA-100 To start, this lift was delivered with 8 other lifts on a semi trailer. Find the four-post car lift to suit your mechanical needs in the vast inventory offered on eBay. 6k - 16k Aluminum Lift 4-Post Lifts the installation and in rare cases you might have to drill a hole. LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES IN THE COUNTRY . % AlignLights is an ALI listed accessory. Heavy I-Beam Runways are standard on all 4-post lifts, and on 12000 and 18000 models they are available in 14” or 22” wide. 1 Main side track with 9/16” hole on cylinder end complete with cylinder, hose and connector. E Height of Columns. POWER SUPPLY 4 Post Car Lift / Truck Lift Shipping Info: This product will be shipped by common carrier. 20-2993-1 – AlignLights system for four-post lifts 2 Post vs 4 Post Car Lift. 00). Stay clear of any moving parts that can fall and cause injury. lift capacity and are available in general service or alignment configurations. Installation, Operation and Maintenance 4 Rev 12/26/13 Q4P09-IOM-Q. Box 3944 Louisville, Kentucky 40201-3944 Best Seller! Warehouse pick up price Now ($2499. to forward these installation instructions on too % Powered by the main lift power source and requires no additional or exposed electrical cords. F Height of Runways. Attached images post lift installing 4 bendpak four post truck lift 40 000 lb capacity hds40x bendpak hd 9xw 4 post lift installation with rj 45 jacks dp bendpak hd 9xw 4 post lift installation with rj 45 jacks 3. I want to rough in where the two, two post lifts will be at so we could pour those areas thicker. These 4 piling units are traditional shafted beam boat lifts. These 4-Post Car Lifts will allow you to easily lift your vehicle via electric/hydraulic power system lift. The Direct-Lift ® brand has sold over 100,000 lifts to the enthusiast market and is part of the worlds largest lift manufacturer (Dover Co Mohawk Lift TR33-TR75 33,000-75,000 LB Mohawk 4 Post Lifts. COM IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ THESE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ENTIRELY! IMPORTANT NOTICE ! Do not attempt to install this lift if you have never been trained on basic automotive lift installation proce- instructions (otherwise the guarantee will be invalidated). com Installation / Relocation Kit for 2-Post Surface Mount Lifts – Wedge Anchors – Leveling Shims – Wheel Spotting Dish FREE Ground Shipping! Please read the Product Description below before buying. 4 Post Light Duty Automotive Equipment Lift PLEASE READ ENTIRE MANUllL PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. Bendpak 4 Post Lift Installation Instructions Instructions by Freddie. Only one issue, it does not come with any instructions! I called National Tool and they e-mailed me instructions within a few minutes. Searching for a car lift, car hoist, 2 post lift, vehicle lift or truck lift? We have it and more. be installed on a minimum of 4-1/4”" thick, 3000psi, with steel reinforced concrete. 05. Each of Benwil's 29 car lift models has its own installation instructions, but an overview of the set-up methods for the TP-7 model will provide you with a general guide you can apply to your particular installation. Never allow anyone to go under the lift when raising or lowering. 0 INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS AND TOOLS 4. ) PVC guide post cover. One Person Test Lane Car Scissor Lift Bring your equipment up to date while minimising disruption to your business with the Sun SSL 6350 car scissor lift from Snap-on for one-person MOT testing. NSS-8 8,000 lb Service Storage Four Post Automotive Lift Free shipping to the lower 48 United States! This car lift is great for storage or service. 9/15/09 INSTALLATION, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL Two Post Surface Mounted Lift MODEL E10 10,000 LBS. Lift Installation. This lift comes with a caster kit, jack tray, and three drip trays. Direct Lift® Gives Away Trip for Two to Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction Ceiling Height Calculator and Video Help Owners Choose the Right Lift Direct Lift Becomes "The Official Lift of the Barrett-Jackson Auctions" Portable 4 Post Car Lift, Atlas Garage Pro 8000 EXT Hobbyist 8,000 lb from Greg Smith Equipment, (800) 601-3036. Let carriage rest on latch. keep this manual in lifts. 2 Post & 4 Post install kit. You can now have a 4 Post Service and Storage Lift shipped directly to your home and brought down to the ground with a lift gate service truck. Your new lift is the product of over 40 years of continuous research, testing and development; it is the most technically advanced lift on the market today. • LIFT SPECIFICATIONS & FLOOR PLAN pg 3 . The name / model numbers is designated below: Surface Mounted 4-Post Flat Deck Lift with 14,000 LBS Lifting Capacity. • TOOLS REQUIRED pg 4. 99-06 CHEVY/GM 1500 4 & 6”NTD DROP LIFT KIT procedures as well as post installation checks must be known. Read the ‘Installation Guide’, studying the drawings carefully, and learn each part and 4. (4T) 4 post lift is your ideal parking, storage and service solution, with clearence height for SUV’s and light turcks. Our four post lifts range in lifting capacity from 8,000 lbs. To fit most makes of ramp lifts & pit installations. This lift is only as strong as the foundation on which it is installed. If you see something out of place, please let us know and well correct the issue at once. Boat owners and marina operators worldwide have turned to Golden’s Four-Post Boat Lifts for solutions to their boat lift needs. Study the ‘Warnings and Safety Precautions’ section in the owner’s manual. Anyone who will be in the vicinity of the lift when it is in use should read and refer to the following publications supplied with this lift: • “INSTALLATION AND OWNERS MANUAL”, I MAN 994322 • “LIFTING IT RIGHT”, ALI SM93-1. 2009 04:10 PM 4 POST LIFT CL 14,000 FP INSTALLATION Manual * CL 14,000 FP (Portable 4 Post Lift) Heavy-Duty 4 Post Lift 14,000 LB. A The Complete Guide on Installing a Car Lift for your Shop or … – Check out our complete guide on how to install a 2 post car lift for your home garage or auto repair shop. CONTACT FOR PRICING Four Post Automotive Runway Lifts. Franklin, IN 9. Instructions for the foundation of the lift must be strictly observed. I was told to reinforce those areas with rebar and that you cannot drill rebar, so if thar is true, i need the footprint of each lift post as to not obstruct installation later on. For more information about how this item will be shipped to you, it is always best if you call us at 1-888-736-5094 to get a shipping quote and review Complete Hydraulics shipping procedure for this Four Post Lift with one of our sales associates. NOTE: This Lift does not require bolting to the floor (BUT) If you choose the option to anchor the #600 "Wheels Free" Hydraulic rolling jack 6000 lb. the instructions being made for a lift that does not exist was spot on!! Since 1981 Mohawk has manufactured the highest quality, safest auto and truck 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts and mobile column lifts available. The GUIDE POST is a 3-piece design consisting of: 1. Buy Atlas 414 14, 000 Lbs. Box 3944 Louisville, Kentucky 40201-3944 4 DEFINITION The lift is a Four-Column Flat Deck Hydraulic, cable driven one. 5 tonne electronic release 2 post car lift pictures of two post lift installation instructions clark c60 80d 75l lift trucks sm 751 service manual 2016 high quality hydraulic car lift 2 post installation instructions of launch from china suppliers 122827103 Start to Finish – 4 Post Atlas Garage Pro EXT 8,000 lb Auto Lift Installation. Surface 16' 4”. Then tear open the box and sit down to read the instructions. long way towards easy installation and safe, reliable operation of your lift. 5 times rated capacity load test, lock test by cutting the cables and deformation tests. ( 2 ) Center Bands - All Worth 2 Post lifts feature center bands installation, operation, & maintenance manual model: hd4p-12000 12,000 lb capacity 4-post lift follow this manual carefully to ensure the machine will function correctly and provide many years of dependable service. Safe Operating Temperature is between 40•F -tos•F (4•c-41•q Operating Temperature The manufacturer reserves the rights to make design changes The minimum anchor depth for Rotary lifts is 3 1/4 inches. & MAINTENANCE MANUAL. 90 1/2". Optional 650 "High lift" truck adaptor available for rolling jack. Looking for information on how to install a car lift? Since installation varies depending on the type of 4 post lift you have, below are installation manuals for Quality Lifts’ produ Lift a car with BendPak. Rotary 4 Post Lift Installation Manual The RFP9 is a powerful, commercial grade, four post lift that is the perfect tool to help increase the amount of parking space. Test instructions are to be complied with. Looking for a 4 post lift installation manual? Quality Lifts has installation guides for various car lifts, including the Q4P07 4 post home storage lift. 06. This will cause damage to the loads, the storage lift, the roof, and the ceiling. 1 FOUNDATION IMPORTANT: It is the user’s responsibility to provide a satisfactory installation area for the lift. Click here to see the BendPak HD-9 Series Clearance Heights. The safety latch system is very similar to an extension ladder. Four Post. PER ARM 200 Cabel Street, P. 5 Mount Control Post . It's easier than ever to install one yourself—we'll show you how. for us to send you wipers and lift rings and the straight-forward instructions on their AT NYTECH Supply We are your one-stop source for Tire Repairs & Chemicals, Tire Service Equipment, Brake Lathes, Tire Pressure Monitoring Tools and Equipment, Car and Truck Lifts, Air Impact Tools, Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Equipment, Restroom Hygiene Products, and Auto Detailing Products. Downloadable Workshop manuals for all kinds of garage equipment, 2 post and 4 post vehicle lifts, brake testers. Page 3. Page 2. keep this manual in a safe dry place for future reference. • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS pg 4. The concrete must be rated to withstand 3,000 pounds per square inch. Check that all parts have been delivered before starting installation. Capacity Protect Yourself For An Additional 12 Months WARRANTY EXTENDED Warranties Go Away Equipment Stays! Call Today 130 Commerce Park Dr. Parts Checklist. Fig. Home >> Downloads >> Installation Manuals Download Car Lift Install Manuals. The Quatro Stacker XL 9,000 lb. INSTALLATION, OPERATION. Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our vehicle lifts, wheel service equipment, parts and service. nationalautotools. View the RFP9 manual Width w/out Motor 121-1/2", Approach Ramp Length 36-1/4", Runway Tread Width 21-3/4". With capacities from 12,000 lbs. The Mohawk TR-33 thru TR-75 model 4 post automotive lifts are all capable of raising all types of public works vehicles including; winged snow plow trucks, loaders, buses & all regular type passenger vehicles. INSTALLING DEALER - it is your responsibility to install the warning decal and forward these installation instructions on 80-96 F150 4”-6” LIFT KIT INSTRUCTIONS Tools Needed Spring Compressor 21mm Wrench 22mm Socket 21mm Socket 19mm Socket 22mm Wrench The World’s Most Trusted Lift™ Four-Post Lifts Professional Automotive. Thanks for your help. It will work on most 2 post lifts and some 4 post lifts as well. Four-post car lifts are engineered to meet the demands of any lifting job. The major components of the lift are shown in figure 2-3 for familiarity. to 60,000 lbs. This equipment must never be operated without reading this manual anclthe safety instructions. 12/03/15 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual Quick Cycle Versymmetric® Two Post Surface Mounted Lift MODEL CL10V3QC 10,000 LBS. Step 4 / Raising the Crosstubes . Download here! Read this installation manual in its entirety before attempting to install or operate the This lift is designed to be installed on a minimum of 4” thick, 3500 psi, steel Stand the columns in place making sure to position the power unit mounting  NSS8 Installation Manual. The complex portions are all pre-assembled, cables are already threaded through all but the post pulleys. Final installation checks must be carried out. This manual is arranged to guide you throughout the entire installation process from the time you receive and unpack your lift, through assembly and operation, to the installation of accessories. Do not over tighten the hydraulic fittings. Find the perfect solution to incorporate MOT and ATL testing with wheel alignment with the dual revenue Sun 4 post car lift from Snap-on. 9-10,000 lb lift. - 14,000 lbs. 6. Our 4-post lifts double as convenient professional use storage solutions. 7". the owner is to read and follow these instructions: t Follow all installation and operation instructions. Capacity Commercial Grade 4 Post Lift: Clearfloor Lifts - Amazon. capacity with flip up pads. We offer servicing & maintenance contracts and a huge stock of spare parts for most vehicle li www. rotarylift. From valet parking to towing, storage and impound yards, to home owners, the D-7 is the premiere four-post lift choice. DANNMAR. The X1 Easy Park Modular Design is a 4 Post, Free Standing, Service and Storage Automotive Lift for Home, or Light Commercial Use in a Body shop, or Restoration Shop. Standard warranty comes at no charge, just from doing business with Dannmar. doc WARNING VERTICAL CLEARANCE Check the height of the area where the lift is to be installed. 1. Do not lift loads into the attic that are taller than the attic. Model number: FP14KA-C This lift is a 14K capacity, 4-post lift. % Automatically turns off when the lift is lowered to the floor and turns on when the lift is raised. Concrete must The two-post car lift is another great option that uses a hydraulic mechanism to raise the vehicle powered by a hydraulic pressure system. The 2 post lift is the cheaper alternative to a 4 post lift and are great for vehicle repairs and short term storage. The Dannmar 4-Post D-7 garage lift is ALI and ETL Certified. 4 post lift installation instructions